Sheet music for Innis Siar (or Innis Sheer)

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    frank-pianki on #61713

    Hi folks, does anyone know where I can find sheet music for a celtic song called Innis Siar or Innis Sheer. I just heard it on Laurie Riley’s DVD Secrets of Celtic Style. It’s a beautiful piece but unfortunately Laurie does not have it in publication. I’d be looking for a lever harp, intermediate version. thanks Frank

    Allison Stevick on #61714

    I haven’t seen this one in any books I own, but here is one that has it arranged for harp and flute.
    Beautiful tune, isn’t it? 🙂

    frank-pianki on #61715

    Thanks Allison, I wish I could see a sample to determine if the harp just accompanies the flute or actually plays the song Frank

    jennifer-buehler on #61717

    The Kolle version is the one I recommend. The flute part is optional (but lovely, if you have a flute to play with you). For some reason I think I have another version somewhere but am not coming up with it at the moment.

    frank-pianki on #61718

    Thanks Amber and Jennifer, I just ordered the Melody version in a pdf. It cost me $5 🙂
    I might also buy the Kolle version in a few weeks. My wife and I have welcomed two more grandchildren in the past 6 days and our funds are pouring into spoiling them appropriately!,,

    teva-benshlomo–2 on #61719

    i also bought the melody version, Frank, and I really LOVE this piece. Thanks for the suggestion! do you have any other recommendations for beautiful pieces?

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