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    Laura Wilson on #166077

    Hello! I have been asked to play “Anonymous Romance” for my sister’s wedding reception. Does anyone know where I could find a harp arrangement for this piece? I did find the following arrangement by Eleanor Fell. Has anyone played it?

    Thank you!

    catherine-rogers on #166078

    Barbara Brundage has arranged it for lever harp in her collection “Classics on Request” (vol. 1). It’s called “Romanza” by anonymous. Her arrangements and Eleanor Fell’s are excellent so you couldn’t go wrong with either (or both!).

    barbara-brundage on #166079

    If you have a pedal harp, Eleanor’s arrangement is very nice and not difficult. There’s a key change that makes it very tricky with levers, though.

    As a followup to Catherine’s post (thanks, Catherine!) you can get just the Romanza as a download from, if you don’t want the whole book.

    Laura Wilson on #166080

    Thank you both for your quick responses! I do play the pedal harp, so I think I will go for Eleanor Fell’s arrangement. Again, I appreciate the help.


    barbara-brundage on #166081

    You’re welcome. I think you’ll really enjoy playing it.

    patricia-jaeger on #166082

    Laura, there is also the Jonathan Cascante (Costa Rica) arrangement of “Anonymous Romance, for One or Two Harps”. Copyrighted in 1998, it is for pedal harp, and at

    Misty Harrison on #166083

    There is one in the Happy Hours of the Harp vol. 2

    people love it

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