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    rod-c on #155855


    I don’t know if this has been mentioned here on the board before, but I just came across a piece of sheet music, Upon the Willows, by Brook Boddie, who posts here often.

    jennifer-buehler on #155856

    What’s the site to get Brooke’s music?

    brook-boddie on #155857

    Thanks so much, Rod!

    barbara-brundage on #155858

    Very nice, Brook!

    Jerusha Amado on #155859

    Hi Rod,

    I go over to Brook’s YouTube page to listen to “Upon the Willows” to de-stress.

    harpglo-jean on #155860

    Oh that was very beautiful!! Great job Brook!! think I will order it also!…Cheers, Gloria

    unknown-user on #155861
    Lovely – it will be perfect for me to use at the hospital – thanks for sharing –
    deb-l on #155862

    I enjoyed the video very much, very relaxing and sounds enjoyable to play.

    stan-guy on #155863

    Robbin Gordon Cartier featured it in her concert at Harp Journeys this year.

    brook-boddie on #155864

    Thank you all for your very kind comments.

    Amber M on #155865

    Gorgeous piece! Introduced my teacher to it, now he plays it as part of his favored repertoire too.

    martha-h on #155866

    Hello Brook,

    I also ordered this song. It is so beautiful1 One of my favorites so far. I played it yesterday at a mother/daughter tea at my church and dedicated it to my mother. I envision the “harps hung upon the willows” making their own sound with the wind.

    Nicely done Brook!

    Donna O on #155867

    I ordered this after listening to you play it

    rod-c on #155868


    To date, I have ordered 4 copies of your sheet music. One for me and one for three local harpists/friends–all of whom are professionals. They all love it. One mentioned she would play it at weddings.

    I’m currently working on the piece and can play through it fairly smoothly. Again, thanks!


    Rod C.

    Susan Party on #155869

    After watching the youtube video of Upon the Willows, I also decided to purchase the sheet music. For the past 2 days I have spent almost every waking hour practicing this song and am totally in love. Thank You to this community for bring this beautiful music to my attention and to Brook, what a wonderful way to honor your mother.
    Take Care

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