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    Mary Anne

    Hello again

    i own a Flatsicle harp and am very satisfied with the sound.
    But not with the sharping levers, because they can be heard – and the sound of the string is “muffled”.
    My warranty has long expired, so i will try to exchange the levers.
    The question is: What other levers fit on a Flatsicle harp (Loveland?), or is this harp only built in combination and for use with the Robinson levers?

    Many thanks


    I know exactly what you mean! I had exactly the same question (different harp) a few months ago.

    I’d suggest you contact MusicMakers in Minnesota. (Main page: )


    Hi Mary Anne, I would also be very interested to hear what other levers can be substituted for the Robinson’s, since I am interested in ordering this Flatsicle harp as a “take-along” lap harp.

    Mary Anne

    Thank you.
    I have also been checked with the recommendation there. The problem: There is not much room for new levers, if any, would fit well only the Loveland flaps.
    And the second problem: You would have closed the old holes, because new levers need new holes elsewhere.

    Therefore, it seems to me quite difficult.
    Then the Robinson levers probably must stay.

    @ Gloria: On my Flatsicle the levers can be heard when in use.
    The sound is then very dull and unattractive.


    My previous harp had Robinson levers and I hated tham. My current harp has Lovelands. Though my first choice would have been Trutts, my harp came only with Lovelands. I like them surprisingly well. They are easy to use and do not change the string’s tone in the slightest. If it’s possible to change out your Robinsons for Lovelands, I highly recommend doing it.

    Michael Harwood

    I share your opinions on the Robinson levers.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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