Sewing a dust cover.

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    Alison on #220174

    Without a pattern to start with, making a simple dust cover, even for a small harp is not a quick affair. Has anyone else made their own ?

    catherine-rogers on #220175

    I’ve made padded covers for 5 lever harps. I used twin-sized quilted comforters bought at discount (one is enough for one harp). Pinned each one (inside out) on the harp before basting/sewing. Left the column end open and sewed velcro strips the length of the opening. Also left an opening in the back to slip your hand in when carrying. I hand-sewed fake leather inside the top along the neck to keep the tuning pins from wearing through the fabric. Sometimes I used hot-glue to fasten the fake leather, but sewing is better because it holds up if you must wash the cover (gentle cycle, cold water). It doesn’t need to be perfect, just serviceable. If I can do it with my mom’s simple sewing machine from the early 1950s, anyone can!

    Alison on #220182

    I had made a couple of liners for pedal harp transport covers before, as you say, and found horse canvas and sail cover canvas perfect and not too tough to sew. I noticed over the years that they both slip on top first, column end before knee end, so this time I have sewn up the front edge and will put the ties on the back opening – counter intuitive but as I find my harps get dusty at the base and on the soundboard, I think this will work better. I reckon a tailor, haberdasher or an upholsterer would make light work of the job !

    Alison on #221220

    At last, I have put the sewing machine away, spasmodic progress, and can get back to playing !

    Charles on #223757

    I’ve made a few dust covers from velvet curtain panels, and a shear cover from window shears as well as a padded cover from two twin comforters from a discount store. I leave the column end open however I make a big over lap and leave an opening in the back to fit a hand in. I stitch all mine by hand because I’ve a nasty habit of breaking sewing machines. I have used the iron on velcro to close the front in the past and it works for a while then once piece falls off. I’ve taken to closing the front with a couple of cotton shoe laces.

    Biagio on #223759

    I guess it depends on the size…but a very simple solution is to just buy a cheap sleeping bag, probably a double, child’s size. Or if it is strictly a dust cover you want, snip and tuck a Queen or King size sheet (you can often find a decent one at a thrift store.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #223980

    It seems to me that since dust gets in anyway, just dust the harp every time you go to play it.

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