Seriousness of Damage?

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    Samantha B on #191730

    I had been renting my Fullsicle out to a student and when they returned it today it had a crack from the front of the neck along the back, and it’s about four inches long. Needless to say I’ll be keeping the damage deposit, but I don’t know how this is going to affect my harp going forward. Do I need to worry about the whole neck breaking?

    front of neck
    back of neck

    Samantha B on #191731

    It seems like the pictures I tried to put up aren’t working, I’ll try again.

    back of neck

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #191735

    Hi, Samantha! I would send the photo to the harp manufacturer and ask them their opinion. Also, did you have it insured to rent? If so, send the photo to the insurance company so that they have a record of the damage. Did your student know when the damage occurred? Was it dropped, or was it due to cold weather or dryness?

    Biagio on #191740

    Samantha, yes I am afraid that you do need to worry. IMMEDIATELY slack off the strings and as Elizabeth suggests send the pictures to Rees.

    This can be repaired but it would probably be more feasible to simply replace the neck. Sorry, I wish I had happier news.

    Best wishes,

    Samantha B on #191741

    Thanks for the responses. The student claims she didn’t know the crack was there, so I probably won’t find out how it happened. I’ll be contacting Rees today, hopefully my harp will live, haha.

    Biagio on #191743

    No problem. For what it’s worth I think it is quite probable that the student did not notice it. That is a stress fracture along the grain line on a thin neck, at the place of greatest lateral force. It could have opened up at any time.

    With the way ‘sciles are made, they would replace both the neck and the pillar, or the entire harp, if that is what you decide to do. Repair is quite simple and inexpensive: super low viscosity glue in the crack itself and an external patch.

    If it is still under warranty (and possibly even if not) Garin might offer to replace the harp at no cost. They are super nice folks!


    bernhard-schmidt on #191745

    Hi, Samantha!
    from my view the cause of the crack is because the Wood becomes to dry or was too wet when the harp was build. You can see this by the grain structur of the wood which is typical for this Kind of crack.
    As other poster did write…get in contact with the harpmaker.

    Best Regards

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