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    MusikFind1 on #188939

    Works by self published composers or small publishers are often hard to location on the music databases.
    Has anyone played any of these?

    Score Exchange:

    Page 1 to 11 has listings with harp.
    Please add other links that would fit this category.

    Gretchen Cover on #188942

    Yes, and I find the arrangements I’ve used to be excellent. There are sample pages and oftentimes sound clips. I like try before you buy:)

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #188968

    Thank you for bringing up that point. I have for some time contemplated a Harp Music Review publication. There is much more music published, old and new, than can be described in the American Harp Journal. It must be terribly frustrating for all publishers, minor and major, as their new works are released only to disappear without a thud. Some major works have been released to little fanfare. But, then, there are so many other kinds of music publications we lack, like a general interest magazine for classical music as a whole. Still, there is a real need for serious reviews of serious music, where publishers can count on being noticed, where they can advertise. How many harpists would read such a publication?
    It is a terrible situation in the USA, where almost no major publishers will publish harp music, unless it involves other instruments. People who write for harp are forced to rely on harp publishers or themselves. If Score Exchange is how to find new music, then use it.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #188969

    I had trouble going past page five, but I was pleased to find music by the fine composer, Dmitri Smirnov.

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