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    rod-c on #164382


    I am looking for the sheet music for The Little Fountain (Samuel Pratt). I have checked several online stores (Vanderbuilt, Harpconnection,, but cannot find it.

    kay-lister on #164383

    Rod – check with Virginia Harp Center. I’m sure they have it and are great folks to deal with.

    andy-b on #164384

    Rod, that piece is in a collection called “Danses Pour la Dauphine”, which Vanderbilt does carry (others may, too). I don’t think you can get it separately.

    kay-lister on #164385

    Yes – you can get it seperately, I have it. If you still can’t lay hold of it let me know.


    brook-boddie on #164386

    That collection that Andy mentioned is also available at Sylvia Woods (

    barbara-brundage on #164387

    Well, you can get it from Lyra for $10, or you can get the whole book from any of the other dealers for $12.

    barbara-brundage on #164388

    I meant Lyra has just “The Little Fountain” as a solo.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #164389

    The Dauphine book has some nice stuff in it.

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