Seeking post on “How to learn a piece of music”

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    rod-c on #163999


    Several months ago, there were some excellent posts here on how to ago about learning a new piece of music.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #164000

    I suggest taking about one measure at a time, very relaxed and feel the coordination requirements, spell out the chords, listen to the balance between the notes, say the names of all the notes and pedals, then do the next measure. Do you have fingerings for it yet? It takes longer if you have to figure out your interpretation, too.

    rod-c on #164001

    Hi Saul:

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

    Rod C.

    unknown-user on #164002


    Is this the thread that you are needing?

    practice practice study study but no good result


    Kari Q on #164003

    Hi Rod,

    One of the posts I came up with as a possibility to what you are talking about was the same as Jerusha’s the other one was

    Carl’s response (#3)

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