Secondary resonator for the harp

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    michael-rockowitz on #162134

    Hello to all,
    I had the idea that, for, say, a small harp, or for a harp with anemic sound, you could build an additional “secondary” acoustic resonator that would enhance the sound.

    unknown-user on #162135

    Hi Mike,

    Neat idea, very creative. I like the idea of adding functionality (more sound) to the stand.

    bernhard-schmidt on #162136


    sorry to say that is allready existing since long. Not only for harp.
    To use a wooden stand for the harp is very common here in Germany.

    The wood thickness I use is 3 mm airplain ply.
    A different but very good effect is to use spruce but with a greater thikness.

    You can also calculate the box to a specific frequency.

    There is a lot of try and error. But at the end it is a great effect and a boost in the lower ton range.


    bernhard-schmidt on #162137


    I prommise I will the next time FIRST look the video and after I write.
    Again this time I was

    michael-rockowitz on #162138

    Karin, Bernhard,
    Thank you for your comments.

    carl-swanson on #162139

    Bernhard- Many many years ago I believe Lyon & Healy sold a box-more like a platform- that the harp and harpist would be placed on for concerts to increase the volume of the harp. I’ll ask Sam Milligan about that. He’ll know the details.

    Sid Humphreys on #162140

    Yes Carl, I have a copy of an old Lyon Healy catalog that has a wooden platform for the harp. My second harp teacher Jill Roberts-Levey has one that her father built. It’s really great as we used it in her carpeted living room. When we took it away the sound was much smaller.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #162141

    My livingroom is carpeted. I have the concert grand on a piece of hard plastic, but my smaller Webster harp — which I thought had a pretty big voice and was told such when I played it outside at a local Renaissance faire — recently surprised me. I ordered a harp table for it to bring it to a more reasonable height. I got the table last weekend. It is walnut with leather on the top. When I put the Webster on it, the sound and brightness doubled. It just blows me away how much better it sounds on the harp table.


    michael-rockowitz on #162142

    Carl, Sid,

    After some searching on the internet, I found exactly one picture of a harp-stand/platform.

    Sid Humphreys on #162143

    You’ve inspired me Michael, while I don’t plan on building a platform myself, there is a contractor that

    michael-rockowitz on #162144


    I was thinking about the acoustical properties of a platform like this.

    Sid Humphreys on #162145

    I think I understand your question but remember that the addition of hinges can cause a buzz that harpist so dislike. Personally I’d rather have a solid platform and less worry that it may collaspe.

    michael-rockowitz on #162146
    michael-rockowitz on #162147
    bernhard-schmidt on #162148


    to fold the platform is not a good speculation. So more big the surface is the better is the projection. See it like the soundboard of the harps….the extended soundboard for example.
    Also the wave length of a frequency can be longer…that means a better projection of the lower frequency.
    If the feet of the harp has some rubber than this will absorb very much. The contact with the platform should be as direct as possible.


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