Searching for music to Dolci Sentire

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    barbara kraichy on #149883

    I have a bride who would like Dolci Sentire played for her wedding. She heard it on You Tube/ do re mi sposi. It is a beautiful piece played by a harpist and violinist. There is no composers name or any information on how to obtain the music. I have attempted to download and went to a local music store to see if they had any way of obtaining the music.

    I’m wondering if any other professional harpists have seen the music or have some suggestions how I could obtain the music. I would like to be able to fulfill this bride’s request.

    Thank you,

    Barbara Kraichy

    helen-rudd on #149884

    I think it is the same piece from Brother Sun Sister Moon-do a search on youtube under that name to listen to a few different versions to make sure it is the same, if so there is sheet music everywhere for it.

    barbara kraichy on #149885

    Thank you Helen. I will try that

    barbara kraichy on #149886

    Through a music store, I found the soundtrack to Brother Sun Sister Moon. The clerk played the soundtrack and it was Dolce Sentire. It was a simplified version, but I recognized the melody. He was able to download the music. It has the melody line and chords, so I’ll have to listen to the accompaniment the harpist did. It is by Donevan!!! So, any of you harpists get a request for Dolce Sentire– that’s where it’s at!

    Barbara Kraichy

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