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    I want to play this piece. I love it. Have found music for right hand only. Have seen several performances on youtube by different people, leading me to believe the music is out there somewhere. Anyone with a clue as to where I can purchase it? Thanks for any leads.


    According to Catriona’s website, the sheet music is in development. Janet Witman has performed this piece, but I believe she developed her own arrangement for performance, and did so with Catriona’s permission. We’ll all just have to wait (I’ve been waiting for it too), those of us who prefer sheet music to picking it out by ear:


    Thank you very much Rachael, for your quick reply. I am glad to here that the sheet music is in development and hope that the developing is quick! I am in love with this piece. Maybe if Catriona knew that some of us would pay a LOT of money for it, it would spur her on!! I sure would!


    For those seeking the Tschaikowsky composition Swan Lake, edited for solo lever or pedal harp, with an option for playing it as a duet either with a piano or a pedal harp, I recommend the version in Marilyn Marzuki’s and Barbara Kaplan’s “Harp Album: Repertoire Primer”, that I obtained from Salvi Harps(1976). Harp 1 can stand alone and only needs an occasional Bb lever. Harp 2 adds considerably to the feeling of the original ballet, with many arpeggios and plentiful pedal changes, using a piano if no pedal harpist is available to play it with you. It is a very well done arrangement and audiences love to hear this.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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