Schubert Arpeggione

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    Bianca on #190478

    Hello everyone!
    i wanted to ask if someone has ever played or arranged the piano part of Schubert’s “Arpeggione”. It’s a quite famous and very beautiful sonata originally written for Arpeggione and fortepiano and currently played mostly with cello or alto and piano, but i’ve been asked to play it with the harp, which should be possible (or there wouldn’t be this beautiful record on youtube). I tried to do my own arrangement starting from the imslp score, and the problem is the first bar in the third staff of the seventh page. HELP!
    Does anyone here know a way to play it?

    p.s: Please forgive me for any grammar mistake/wrong term I could have written, I’m italian and i’ve studied english in schools only and i’ve never really studied english musical terms

    Gretchen Cover on #190479

    Try a pedal slide G# to G nat.

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