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    Are there any differences for foreign students when it comes to receiving college scholarships?

    I have a Russian student who would like to come here to study, but needs full scholarship/work study kind of program. Which schools can provide such an opportunity? I, unfortunately, don’t have one to offer at present, myself. I hear rumors about this or that school having scholarships, but what’s the real story, if you know? One can’t apply everywhere.


    My understanding is that foreign students are generally not eligible for any kind of financial aid from American schools. They have to get their aid from their own country.

    Harp One

    Foreign students are eligible for scholarships depending on the school they decide to attend.

    Dwyn .

    Carl, that’s absolutely not true.


    There are also many Colleges that have specific endowments set aside for ONLY foreign students. Many at both colleges I attended got free rides and they were all foreign. There were only about 12 students (out of 72) who were NOT foreign in my Ph.D program.


    One of my


    Yes, my college had a special foreign-student program, but it is perhaps unusual in that. I just heard that Curtis gives no aid for the first six months, due to some kind of residency requirement.


    Where-ever the aid comes from I do not know, but there are different sources for different types of students.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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