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    HBrock25 on #167298


    my name is Anja, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Germany. I live right now in the U.S. as an
    EduCare with a hostfamily. That means I’m allowed to take a few classes in the morning
    and in the afternoon I have to take care of a child. I’m taking of course some music classes
    – including harp. Although I’ve been playing the harp only for 2.5 years I’m pretty
    advanced, because I’ve been playing the piano for ten years. So my dream is to study harp
    and maybe even in the U.S. My harp teacher told me, she would take me right away, but
    there is no full scholarship. That means I have to go home next year in March, because I’m
    not able to pay the tuition at the university, which is too bad, because I found such a good
    teacher. So can anyone help me and tell me if there is any chance for me to get a full
    scholarship at a good music school in the U.S.? And by the way I’m learning the french

    Maybe someone can also help me with another question. Since I probable can’t get a
    scholarship here I have to go back to Germany next year and I’ll try to get in a university.
    But since I just started to play the harp 2.5 years ago and I’m already in the U.S since a
    year I don’t really know which schools are good in Germany – or which teachers. I didn’t
    have the best harp teacher in Germany and I don’t really have connections into the “harp
    wold” in Germany. The only names I know are Helga Storck in Munich and Xavier de
    Maistre in Hamburg.

    I hope someone can answer at least one of my questions.

    Thank you,

    alexander-rider on #167299

    Dear Anja, I am so sorry to hear about your situation and I cannot help your first question because I am English! BUT Someone who will definitely be able to help you is the “Glissando Harfenfachzentrum” (, they are helping me to find a harp teacher in Leipzig as I may be spending some time there soon; trust me they are really nice and very helpful. I do know that in Trossingen you could study harp with Renie Yamahata, who I think plays for the S?dwest-Rundfunks Orkester and teaches at the Musikhochschule Trossingen, Maria Stange (Musikhochschule Stuttgart)who also sounds very good…just e-mail glissando,I’m sure they’ll help. Also try Die Vereinigung deutsche Harfenisten ( who also have alot of people you can contact. I hope I have helped here, Anja, please let me know how your quest is going!

    carl-swanson on #167300

    I believe that in most, if not all, American schools and Universities,
    scholarship money is reserved for American students.

    unknown-user on #167301

    Ich komme auch aus Deutschland! Es gibt in Bonn ein B?ro (vermute) ich mal, dass Stipendien and Deutsche vergibt, die im Ausland studieren. Guck doch mal bei google unter DAAD oder wenn mich nicht alles t?uscht: Bernadette Kerscher hat echt viel Ahnung. HAbe meine HArfe von ihr. Sie kann dir bestimmet gute Ratschl?ge geben. (Sorry, dass ich sie einfach dutze)
    Ich selber beabsichtige HArfe zu studieren und habe mich umgeh?rt. Ich w?rde nicht zu Helga STorck gehen.
    Gisele Herbert ist in W?rzburg, ich kenn ein HArfenistin, die bei ihr studiet hat, und die ist echt gut( Assia Cunego) SOnst ist Han-Amn Liu in K?ln noch ganz gut.
    Aber schau ruhig mal nach dem DAAd Stipendium. Alles Gute
    Christina Buchsbaum

    unknown-user on #167302

    In graduate school at public universities there are many “graduate teaching assistanceships” offered to foreign students. From my experience I would say that half or more of these are awarded to foreign students. The tuition is waved and the student is given a small monthly stipend. I lived on mine during those years. I don’t know what is available at the undergraduate level, perhaps not much, but certainly at the graduate level. So, if it doesn’t work out now, perhaps in a few years.

    amanda-acosta on #167303

    Dear Anja,
    I am also an international student and i completely undersand what you are going through.You should contact the international student services at the schools you are interested in in the states. Some of them have 1 full scholarship available that you can compete for depending on grades and audition. Most of this information isnt shown on the websites, so you should just e-mail them and ask about fianacial aid for international students.
    I wish you the best of Luck!!

    unknown-user on #167304

    There are other schools here which would have scholarships, and isn’t there money from the German government for studies abroad? We have to take out student loans for our education and apply for grants, and have money from our families.

    unknown-user on #167305

    What time do you practice every day?

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