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    janna-bisceglia on #194065

    I just wanted to share an email I just got requesting me to play at the Isle of Wight music fest. Most scam emails don’t seem to know that I’m a harpist, but this one appeared rather legit, got into my inbox, and has the real music festival link at the top. The only thing that made me think it wasn’t legit was that I couldn’t imagine someone would literally be contacting me! I mean, I have won some local Celtic competitions, but nothing to put me on the map. I searched around a bit more, and it is a scam as explained on this link.

    The email:
    Seaclose Park, Newport
    Isle of Wight PO30 2EA
    United Kingdom

    Isle of wight festival is the biggest festival taking place annually
    in United Kingdom which has long been acclaimed for showcasing a heady
    mix of talent from around the world.

    The aims of the festival still remain the same today; celebrating the
    place of music in a city which is at ease with its rich cultural
    diversity, and drawing in a multitude of venues across London who
    present the music, week in, week out, throughout the year.

    Would you be our harp guest artist? We got your contact from Latino
    Music Directory. We are overwhelmed by the impact
    your music has made in the lives of everyone both young and old. Your
    performance will set the tone perfectly for our event. We expect an
    attendance of over four
    thousand people both far and near. You will never regret working with

    Venue: Seaclose Park, Newport
    Isle of Wight PO30 2EA
    United Kingdom
    Date: 9-12 JUNE 2016.

    Payment for service will be discussed as soon as you honour our
    invitation. If you have any more publicity material please do not
    hesitate to contact us.
    agreement will be forwarded to you as soon as you accept this

    Kindly provide the following details to enable our attorney proceed on
    the performance contract agreement.

    1)Stage Name
    2)Contact Address
    3)A Copy Of You Uk Work Permit.
    4)Band Members Name If Any.


    1) Appearance fee of £5,000.00GB.
    2)Hotel Accommodation And Meals.
    3)Round-trip Air- tickets to London.
    4)£2,500.00GB Advance Deposit Upon Signing The Performance Contract Agreement.
    5)Back Line Gear
    (Guitar Amplification, Effects, Drums, Cymbals And Misc. Percussion
    Devices, Bass Amplification, Instrument Microphones, Vocal
    Microphones, Cabling, Misc.Stage Setup, etc.)
    6) Transportation Within UK
    7)Insurance Cover

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Sincerely
    Steven Smart

    brittany-deyoung–2 on #194133

    Hey, glad you found that info. I got the same email at the same time! LOL. I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for sharing!!

    grazza on #194413

    I have received the same email,my fee was to be 15,000 UK Sterling. Plus all expenses paid.”steven smart” told me that one of their agents saw me perform in Asia where I am based. When I replied and asked where in Asia, they didn’t say what country, but they did get the venue right. I have exchanged a few emails with him, but his gramma and spelling is a little off in some places. Which i thought was a red flag considering the event.

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