Saw My Next Harp Today

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    unknown-user on #161072

    Well, it happened.

    Audrey Nickel on #161073

    Ha ha!

    unknown-user on #161074

    Although I had to sadly leave the Ravenna with a promise to it of “I’ll be back” LOL, I didn’t come away empty handed.

    Bought two books, one the tutor book my teacher recommends and Sylvia Woods’ 22 Romantic Pieces.

    hannah-roberts on #161075

    Fiona, it will be worth your savings a thousand times over. I had to save up for my Ravenna 34 too and when she came home it was the happiest day of my life!
    I actually wanted that harp so bad that I quit smoking to get it! The money started piling up a lot quicker after that, let me tell you :-) Hopefully I’ll also have a longer, healthier life to enjoy her. You’re right, the simplest tunes sound amazing on a Ravenna 34 because the sound is so majestic. I hope yours can come home in the very near future!

    unknown-user on #161076

    I love my Ravenna,and it’s very easy to tune. The sound doesn’t even compare to the sicle harps.

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