Save the antique harp on eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Fairy Reel on #163408

    All harpists! Please! Listen up:

    There is an absolutely stunning antique harp on eBay. It is in a live auction which will be held in Massachusetts on Feb. 23rd. All absentee bids (via internet) must be made by Feb 22. I encountered this harp while browsing for fun on eBay and it is a stunning Lyon and Healy Style 16. 45 Strings. Looks like a double action.

    The harp has obviously been sadly neglected for years, as you can see by taking a close up look at the strings (several are strung wrong and many are missing), and the pedals, which are all in different positions. It looks almost like someone was playing the harp and just left.

    It is still a beautiful harp. It is valued at 3000-4000 dollars. Bidding starts at $1500. I am getting a new harp myself or I would leap at the chance to buy it!!!

    To find it, look under “Antique String Insturments”. Lot 1043. I really hope this harp goes to a good home. Fight the good fight! Save the harps!

    unknown-user on #163409

    Hi Fairy Fey,

    You are a crack up! I too am somewhat addicted to looking at sadly neglected, but essentially gorgeous, old harps on ebay…

    I wonder if the sellers would allow you to go and see these harps in the problem is that these old darlings are often so badly neglected and in need of really very expensive structural work…and you could end up quite easily paying more than for a new harp….

    But they are lovely and it is so sad to see them in their decayed splendour sitting out waiting for a new home….

    Thanks for alerting us to the piccie, always good to look at different models and gorgeous old “thangs”….



    Dwyn . on #163410

    This is a live auction house and they are always set up to allow prospective buyers to inspect the items.

    unknown-user on #163411

    I had a look at the old lady – I am wondering about the pedal slots – if you look closely, it appears in the picture that the B, C, and F slots have a blocks of wood in the sharp position – I know these old dearies are murder to regulate and keep in regulation, and maybe this one was set up more along the lines of a single action – I’m curious to know what the slots look like on the other pedals – anyone have any ideas?

    carl-swanson on #163412

    I just took a look at both the Erard and the Lyon & Healy harps on EBAY. I wouldn’t bid on either one without examining them in person first. Pictures just don’t convey the technical information I need to make a judgement.

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163413

    John, that looks like a different harp than the one on Ebay numbered 1043 that I found. Here is it’s pedals (hope the pic shows up):

    unknown-user on #163414

    Yes, it is the other one – the Erard – as to the

    Briggsie B. Peawiggle on #163415

    I would love to see those pictures. Did that harp work at all?

    The wood blocking the pedal slots was extremely odd.

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