Sandpipe Cithara Nova Harp

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    califa on #189862

    Looking for lever harp, very impressed of Dusty FH36H sound, but when I hear the recording of Nova harp, I feel this is what I am looking for….
    Listen to this….

    The sound is both warm and clear, transparant, long sustain, solid base sound, no fake sweet.

    Let me know what you like or dislike? other good harp you recommend?

    patricia-petersen on #189883

    I replaced a Dusty FH26 with a 36-string Nova (synthetic fiber strings). While I enjoyed resonance of the Dusty very much, the Nova’s warm sound (especially the base notes) calls me to come practice. Enjoy your search!

    califa on #190245

    I did play Dusty harp, and I like it, but I am looking something special.

    I heard the recording from Diana Rowan, she plays Nova harp.
    sound so spiritual, is it the same type of sound of your harp?

    what type of wood? Is it maple?

    How old of your harp?

    May I know how much you bought?

    I ask you these question because I already contact John, the harp maker.
    he might agree to make harp for me.


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