Samson et Saint Saens, Aria Dalila transcription pour Harp By Johannesburg Snoer

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    mr-s on #147260

    Hello, anybody played this transcription? I have a question in the 3rd page Tempo 1 (sense rigore) we start the chord with both hands , then arpeggio down to up D F A D which hand do you play it? I think should be Left hand, and what is the tempo here on the metronome 70 or more .

    Thank you

    unknown-user on #147261
    Hey there Basel – I’m relieved to see that you are able to be posting and also apparently back to your music – hope you and your family and your harps are someplace safe and secure – the news that I see is very scary so I hope there is some sort of peaceful resolution to all the political upheavals soon – please take care of yourself –
    mr-s on #147262

    Hello Dear John, you can search my name in facebook if you have an account there, so we can chat there, or you can write me to my email address as I had lost your email, I think my email is here in my profile, I don’t practice a lot and no mood but as I sit home and very rarely go out to the streetvso I just search in my scores for the music I love and want to practice or study it in the future, that’s all. Talk to you there.

    carl-swanson on #147263

    Basel- It’s nice to see you here again. I’m glad you’re well. Hopefully the mess in Syria will be over soon and you and everybody else can get back to a normal peaceful life.

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