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    Sid Humphreys on #149796

    Dear fellow harpists,

    Next week, July 25th 2010, I will be playing an event in Dallas. One of the pieces is an arrangement by Peter Mantz ,Over The Rainbow, to be sung by Sam Harris. As music was handed out today the harp part was missing. Instead, I was given the piano/cond. score. The director suggested that I look at this and go on YouTube to figure my part out. Yuck! Does anyone out there know where I can find a copy? It dawned on me this evening to look for the publisher but it is unreadable from numerous copies. The conductor is even having to work off the same score so no help there. Please feel free to email me or post here.

    Sid Humphreys

    Sid Humphreys on #149797


    This is Mr. Harris’s own orchestration, there is no publisher. We are currently trying to get ahold of his people to get the part (if they happen to have it) to our people. The original plan was for them to hand the orchestra our parts the morning of the concert!

    Please, if anyone out there has done this with Sam Harris, please contact me!



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