Salzedo’s Enchanted Isle

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    unknown-user on #167790

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a recording or
    sheet music of Salzedo’s “Enchanted Isle.” I’ve tried different
    websites but haven’t had any luck. Thanks!

    kimberly-houser on #167791

    I think that it is in the archive at the Curtis Institute. Salzedo considered the work too impressionistic for his own taste and I am not sure it was ever published.

    unknown-user on #167792

    You can purchase this title through International Music Service.

    unknown-user on #167793

    The Enchanted Isle was published by Lyra, and performed beautifully by Prof. Elizabeth Richter at the AHS conference of 2004 in Philadelphia. That performance should be available through the AHS sometime soon. It’s a wonderful piece with a great history. Salzedo made many appearances with it and it made his name professionally.

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