salzedo’s concerto for harp and 7 wind instruments

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    HBrock25 on #151449

    Hi everybody!

    Does anyone of you played Salzedo’ concerto for harp and 7 wind instruments? I’ve tried to find out any recording of this, but in Italy it’s impossible! I’d need to know the tempo of the first movement. On my part it’s written quarter note= 144 but there so many pedals to change that it seems too fast…..

    thank you in advance for any suggestion/answer etc!

    greets from Italy nicoletta

    carl-swanson on #151450


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151451

    Lyra made a cassette tape available in 1985, but I don’t think they have any more of them. It will probably be performed at the next Harp Festival of Philadelphia, October 8-11, 2010. I’m sure that is the correct tempo, what is printed. I would advise going over it with a Salzedo-trained harpist so you understand what he is after. You may be looking at the pages that are all pedal slides.

    It’s a great piece, well worth learning. His tempi can be very fast, as he could play anything any way he wanted. Sorry I can’t just come over there and do a workshop or something. Maybe Floraleda Sacchi can help you. Judith Liber certainly could. You can learn the notes, but the sounds he wants are certain tone colors. If you have the Modern Study of the Harp, that will guide you in his notation and colors.

    nicoletta sanzin on #151452

    Thanks! my doubt came directly from the score because are two tempos printed on , quarter note=144 and quarter note =132.

    Finally I’ve found a recording on line, L.Lawrence is the harpist. The sound is really very bad but I think it’s a good document!

    Bye bye and thanks again


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151453

    That is an accurate recording. How did you find it? The tempo is at 144 after the opening of the first movement. It’s a very dynamic piece. As Miss Lawrence would say, don’t listen to the quality of the recording, listen to the music!

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