Salzedo vs. Grandjany

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    unknown-user on #168266

    I am a 17 year old harpist. I have played for almost 12 years now in
    Salzedo technique. Next school year, I will be going on to college to
    major in voice, however, I plan to keep up my harp studies. The
    college of my choice, however, only has a Grandjany teacher employed.
    I really enjoy Salzedo technique, and she said she’d try to work with
    me, but I just don’t know. Should I seek another teacher in the area
    and talk to them? Or should I just make sure my technique is solid
    and patrol it myself?

    unknown-user on #168267

    There are advantages to both techniques and the basic principles are the same.

    kimberly-rowe on #168268


    I think a bigger issue is whether the teacher is a good teacher, not whether they are “Salzedo” or “Grandjany.” If they are a good teacher, they will be able to help you advance and they will work with your Salzedo background and try to strengthen it with their own ideas. You may have to try some new things, but if you trust this teacher, you might discover some technical ideas you hadn’t thought about before. If you don’t trust the teacher, or are going to be unwilling to try new things, you might as well find someone else. I would give it a try. You will know within a few lessons whether it’s working or not.

    Kim from Harp Column

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