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    I am looking for a Salzedo teacher for an advanced harpist, perhaps a teacher in either Minneapolis/St. Paul area or Chicago. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (middle of nowhere!) and so two places I would travel to are Des Moines, Iowa (my hometown) and Chicago. So anyone that might be on either of those routes (over to Duluth, then down I35 through Minnesota) or down through Wisconsin to Chicago would be ideal.

    I’m a teacher myself, but want to find a teacher/mentor because of course we can always improve! I started as a student by learning the Salzedo technique and am a proponent of that method, although I have had other teachers who were not Salzedo teachers. They could work with me on musicianship, but I feel I lost touch with the Salzedo method. Both of my non-Salzedo teachers just let my technique be. I would really like to work with a Salzedo harpist so that I get the chance for someone to watch my technique and make comments.

    So here’s a call out for Salzedo teachers….who are you and where are you?


    One excellent teacher would be Faye Seeman in Chicago, and have you considered Danis Kelly in Milwaukee? Or Joan Holland in Michigan? I would be happy to meet with you when I am in Minneapolis.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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