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    laura-palmieri on #167988

    I am looking for a Salzedo Harp. Good Condition, preferably in
    excellent condition, Good even sound, and Just Excellent in every
    way possiable! Reasonable Price. I am debating wheather to buy a
    brand new one or search for a used one. Hopefully you will answer me
    with some promising results!

    unknown-user on #167989

    Try Lyon & Healy West in SLC, Utah. They always have at least one in stock. Of course, L&H Chicago would probably be a better place to check, but just go with whatever is closer to you. Good luck, Laura!

    laura-palmieri on #167990

    Thank you so much for the response! Although I ‘m trying not to get a new one at this time, due to the price and long wait. I just missed a great Salzedo harp that Yolanda Kondonassis was trying to sell. I feel so bad. But there just might be another one out there!

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