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    I’ve been creating some teaching materials for harp and have purchased

    the Salzedo Font. I cannot figure out how to make placing brackets

    from reading the manual. Has anyone out there used this when creating

    materials? How do you create placing brackets? I currently use Finale,

    but am considering purchasing Sibelius. You can create a horizontal

    bracket in Finale, but it looks strange when placed over ascending or

    descending figures. Thanks.


    I haven’t seen any harp music printed via computer that did the symbols properly. Can you draw them in by hand and photocopy? I am doing all my manuscripts by hand.


    I don’t use the Salzedo font, myself, but I believe you would attach the bracket as an

    articulation or measure expression. It’s basically a text letter (the bracket key, I think) in

    the Salzedo font and you would resize it by changing the font size.

    I myself prefer to draw brackets with the line tool. If you do a lot of brackets (I don’t

    include fingering so I don’t need them a lot), your best bet is to use the shape designer to

    create a vector shape that can be pulled in different directions to alter the angle of the

    bracket. (You’ll need to duplicate it each time to avoid changing the angle on all your

    brackets, I think.)

    If you don’t know how to use the shape designer, ask in the Finale forum. They are very

    helpful, for the most part. (I haven’t had occasion to use it in the past few versions and

    things are pretty different now, so I don’t feel confident telling you how to do it.)



    Contact Bob Litterell for your questions.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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