Salvi Una Harp

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    Diane Giorgi on #205254

    Does anyone have any experience with/opinions about the new Salvi Una Lever Harp?

    patricia-jaeger on #205575

    I have no experience with that UNA harp, however do think before buying any lever harp, considering the single-action lever harp made first for Mildred Dilling. It is now called the Douglas harp and is still being made by the same maker, who has the patent, Douglas (sometimes called Arsalaan) Fay, near Sarasota, Florida. Watch and hear him play it on You Tube. I was fortunate to acquire a used one about 25 years ago. More repertoire can be played on this model than other lever harps that need a lever for each string; the Douglas needs just 7 levers, and all strings with the same name are activated or cancelled with one of the seven levers. I have found mine to be quite useful over the years with its detachable legs and easy portability. Just be informed of this newer technology, before any lever harp purchase. Peace to you.

    balfour-knight on #205583

    Hi, Patricia!  I, too, love the whole idea of the Douglas harp, but he only puts 34 strings on them, and not all the strings are affected by the sharping mechanism.  I crave 36 strings, C to C, with sharping levers on every string.  Otherwise, I would certainly be very interested in these harps with only  7-levers (or ditals).  I can imagine playing “The Swan” by Saint-Saens, with all its accidentals, on one of these, like a single-action pedal harp!  I can manage this beautiful piece on the lever harp, but JUST!  At best, it is still awkward, but it is a cinch on the pedal harp.  Oh, well……………

    By the way, I also have no experience with the Una Salvi harp.  I still prefer Dusty!

    Best to you all,


    Catherine Ashley on #215055

    I sold an Una at the end of last year (the first one in Australia). What I really liked about it was that it has a really even tone throughout, so you don’t hear the jump between the gut strings and the metal. The only potential issue could be that it uses SilkGut and SilkCopper strings, which could be slightly harder to get if one broke, depending on where you live.

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