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    katy-newsome on #76697

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to this forum and I did a search but only found one old thread about the Salvi Prima 38 so I’m hoping to maybe get more response on this one.
    I’m currently playing on my friends L&H Ogden and have been playing for about 7 months and decided I would like to pursue harp and invest in my own lever harp. I want one with more strings though as I would like more of a lower octave range. That said, I’ve been looking at 38 string harps. I haven’t found too many so perhaps some of you could give me some to look into?
    I did look at Salvis 38 string harps and came across the Salvi Prima. I saw that they have a used one in their showroom for $2,400 which I might be interested in, if they can offer financing. Anyway, just wondering if you all have played and have opinions on it? I’ve watched a couple youtube videos but I know that sound quality on video is different compared to the real life quality.


    sarah-grabham on #76698

    Hi Katy, I have a Salvi Prima 34. I didn’t get the 38 as it gives more high strings, not low ones. The 34 has fantastic bass but is a bit heavy to carry – well, for one of my advanced years, but the sound is great and the levers are very friendly. Hope you find your destiny harp and good luck! Sarah

    katy-newsome on #76699

    Hey Sarah,
    Thanks for your input! Actually, I’m looking for a harp that might have a couple lower bass strings, rather than an extended upper octave. Do you (or anyone reading this) know how harps are strung when they have more strings? I believe I checked out a few 36 strings (including L&H Troubadour VI) and saw that the two extra strings were in the 1st octave. Is this common? Does anyone know of a 36 string harp that maybe goes from 1st A to 6th A? Or is there a “standard” when it comes to what strings are on 34, 36 and 38 string harps?

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