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    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone in here own a Salvi Mia? I’ve been looking at this harp. I like how its smaller than the Ogden that I have now. I love the Ogden but I’m looking at my options after my 6 month rental period is done. Anyway, I’m just curious, do any of you have pictures playing it? I’d like to get an idea of really how small it is. I couldn’t find much online when I searched for pictures. I’m wondering if its going to be a big difference from my Ogden and I’m worried about it being uncomfortably small. I’m not looking for a lap harp or anything (not that its actually THAT small) but I don’t want to feel silly and uncomfortable playing it. I would want to try it out and play it before I actually rented or bought one but I’ll have to drive a few hours to the nearest harp store that might actually have it.

    Also, any advice in general about that harp, or others.

    Like I said, I’m renting an Ogden however, I’m not sure I want to be paying for the next two years on that harp, at the end of my rental, when I’m not 100% sold that THAT is the harp I want. I was sort of wanting something with a couple strings below 6th C and it looks like I’d have to look for a 38 string, of which I’ve really only looked into/found Salvis Titan and Prima 38. If I cant find a 38 string that is reasonably priced or that I could afford financing for, then I would settle for a 34 string (which is why I was looking at the Mia)




    I can’t particularly remember the Mia, but short harps are very common in the UK. To play them you can sit on a low stool (which is probably what you are concerned about with feeling uncomfortable) but very many people raise the harp up, either on legs or on a stand.


    Yeah I don’t want to feel like hunched or crouching around to play my harp. Also, I feel like it might be an awkward size because it seems like it might be smaller than an average size floor lever harp, but bigger than a lap harp, so I feel like it might look silly or something. I guess it wouldn’t matter if I played it and I really REALLY liked the sound or how it plays, then I would get it, but yeah.. thats why I was curious if anyone had comparison pictures cause I’m wondering how small it actually is, compared to a person, or even compared to other harps.


    If it is too short then get higher legs for it. My Pilgrim Clarsach is 43″, 5 inches less than the Mia, but that is irrelevant as I have it on legs.

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