Salvi levers, please help

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    nancy-glickman on #78267

    I’m in the process of waiting to see what type of levers i have on a Jarocho harp. I’m pretty sure they are salvi though. I may post a picture here in the near future. Anyway I called a place today and was told they will not sell the levers to someone who does not own a Salvi harp. Does anyone know where I can get these Salvi levers other than the Harp Mall. I also have the old kind of salvi levers and do not know if the new ones will work. But i’m just trying to get info right now. I was told the levers need to be replaced with the same ones that were put on. any info will help. thanks nancy

    mae-mcallister on #78268

    Post a picture!

    What assholes. If you’re sure they are Salvi levers, I suggest you maybe find someone who owns one and use them as a middle man? Or see if you can order them direct from Salvi (i.e. Italy)?

    barbara-brundage on #78269

    Why not ask Salvi US directly?

    Donna O on #78270

    Nancy, I am not sure where you are located, but Lyon Healy sells Salvi levers on their website at Not sure if they are the kind of levers you would need.

    nancy-glickman on #78271

    thanks so much for each of your replies, i just called Salvi and i’m waiting for a call back. for I do not know what reason Lyon and Healy will only sell the Salvi levers if you have a Salvi harp. strange.

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