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    Sharone Stevenson on #145161

    I have a new Salvi Pedal Harp and it is set at the factory at A442. I have been told that if I want to play with other instruments that tune at A440 I have to have the harp regulated again so that I can tune it at A440. Is this true?

    carl-swanson on #145162

    No. It is not true. The regulator adjusts the mechanism so that when the natural disc is engaged, it raises the pitch exactly a half step, and when the sharp disc is engaged, will raise the pitch another half step. The mechanism will do this regardless of what the instrument is tuned to.

    In theory-and this is stretching reality to the absurd-a higher tuning would pull the soundboard up slightly and the neck down slightly, thereby shortening the strings and throwing the regulation off. By this idiotic argument, lowering the tuning would allow the soundboard to flatten slightly, lengthening the strings and throwing the regulation off. But a difference of 2 beats per second is, in reality, not going to change anything about the string length.

    Sharone Stevenson on #145163

    Thank you Carl for your reply to my question.

    kreig-kitts on #145164

    Besides, a lot of us tune to A441 since ensemble pitch

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