SALVI Donegal – carbon fiber strings

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    deb-l on #73955

    The rental on my Ogden is up in 4 months, and the Donegal is one I’m considering.

    kathy-chanik on #73956

    Deb, the Donegal is a completely different harp than the Ogden.

    deb-l on #73957

    Kathy, I play Irish music but the celtic harps sound thin to me.

    jessica-wolff on #73958

    Faeryharper plays different harps on YouTube. The Salvi Ana does sound richer and fuller than her Celtic harp(s).

    deb-l on #73959

    at first I thought the Ana suited the music and her playing style because most of her music was slower but then I heard Morrison’s jig and that went out the window.

    deb-l on #73960

    Do you mean Grainne Hambly? Her book just came in the mail today, it looks excellent!

    kathy-chanik on #73961

    Yes, Grainne Hambly.

    deb-l on #73962

    she has a lot of ornamentation in her music that realy slows me down.

    deb-l on #73963

    I spoke to Harp Connection on this Harp.

    diana-lincoln on #73964

    Have you had a chance to play any of the Camacs? There are a couple that are light enough but also have a good sound in my opinion…The Melusine de Concert has nylon strings and a bright sound and the Aziliz has gut type strings and lever harp

    deb-l on #73965

    I’ve never seen or played a Camac.

    deb-l on #73966

    do you have a Camac Diana?

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