Salvi Daphne 40 or Lyon and Healy 85P

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    unknown-user on #161453

    I like a warm,mellow sound which I have heard the Salvi Daphne 40 has. Does anyone have experience with that harp? Whay about the L&H 85P? I live far from all the dealers to test them out. Thanks. Paul

    HBrock25 on #161454

    Paul, if you’re near Colorado, you could come play my L & H 85 Petite. I’d describe the sound as clear, warm,

    Jessica Frost on #161455

    Hi Paul, I own a Salvi Daphne 40 (with straight soundboard) that I’ve had for about 12 years.

    unknown-user on #161456

    How much are you selling your harp for? I live in S.C. Thanks. Paul

    unknown-user on #161457

    Thanks so much for your info. I live in S.C. which is far from all the dealers. I heard an audio on the internet of a Salvi Daphne 44 and one of a Salvi Orchestra which I really liked. My Thormahlen lever harp has a mellow sound, but I would like to trade up to a pedal harp. Have you ever heard of Thormahlen? Paul

    barbara-brundage on #161458

    Paul, you’re not *that* far from Richmond. Take a day, get up early and drive up there, if you possibly can. VA Harp Center carries all the different brands, so you can compare side by side. (I’d give them a call to be sure they have the models you want to see in stock).

    You’re a heck of a lot closer to all the dealers than I am (S FL). 🙂

    kay-lister on #161459

    Hi Paul – I have a Thormahlen Swan and I absolutely LOVE it.

    unknown-user on #161460

    Thanks for the info. Va. Harp Center said they have neither of these harps in stock. They did not mention if or when they would be getting them in. Maybe I need to ask them?? Thanks again. Paul

    unknown-user on #161461

    I also love my Thorrmahlen Swan. It is cherry wood and a wonderful sound. I also play the piano and organ and so would like to move up to a small pedal harp. (Cost is an issue) and I would like to be able to transport it to a small church for use there. Thanks so much for your reply. P.S. I have owned mine for 4 years and it rarely goes out of tune! I plan on keeping it even if I buy a pedal harp!

    barbara-brundage on #161462

    Yes, they carry both of them all the time. Just ask them to let you know when they have more coming, and be sure they know you want to see both side by side.

    unknown-user on #161463

    Have your students that purchased Salvi Daphne harps been happy with them? How long ago did they purchase them? Thanks. Paul

    Sherry Gardner on #161464

    Hi Paul,

    My L & H 85 Petite is listed

    unknown-user on #161465

    Hi Paul, Have you considered a Camac Clio? They have 44 strings,

    john Doe on #161466

    Hey Paul,

    You are compairing the same harp made in the same factory with two different names.

    The Daph 40 and L&H 85p are made in italy at the salvi factory. They are made with the same sound board and just look a little different.

    The only differents is the

    Lisa McCann on #161467

    John Doe….again. Oh, boy.

    John, perhaps you can elaborate a little about the difficulty that you always seems to have with Salvi. Where is your information coming from? Have you worked for Salvi in the past? I would like to hear something substantive about your negative experience, instead of the same old lines about buzzing, soundboards that pull up, and, I think, several posts about the way they smell! Where’s your evidence, and what’s your background? (By the way, I love Camacs too, but jeez!)


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