Salome – Dance of the 7 Veils

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    r-pista on #149651

    Quick note query:

    Letter T- 3rd beat: Is the top note in the group of 6 supposed to be a D# or a C#?

    My part has D#, but the orchestra sound like they are playing C#

    I’ve not played this in orchestra so haven’t been able to check the score.

    harp guy on #149652

    I checked a copy that has been scanned into the Petrucci Music Library, and it has a C#. This was only the harp part however. (I didn’t want to go through the score for the entire opera!).

    Here is a link to the part:

    Here is a link where you can see the scores:,_Op.54_(Strauss,_Richard)#Full_Scores

    And note, these are all online legally. These are parts and scores that have expired copyrights.

    Harp One on #149653

    Your ears are correct. 🙂
    It is C#.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149654

    I remember that Professor Elizabeth Richter did an extensive editing of the harp parts for that. We used copies from the Metropolitan Opera House in harp class, and they were a complete mess, with so many decades of fingerings and pedalings. You could never get a clear view of it that way.

    emily-granger on #149655

    You wouldn’t happen to have a copy of her edits would you? My part is a mess!!

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149656

    I do, but it is mixed up with all my other versions. Ask her for a copy.

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