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    carl-swanson on #151817

    I received an email from a friend about a Turkish harpist who apparently was on the Air France flight from Rio yesterday. Her name is Ceren Necipoglu and she had studied with Suzanne McDonald at Indiana University a while back. She had gone to Rio for the Rio Harp Festival to do two recitals. Another Turkish harpist, Sirin Pancaraglu was with her in Rio but took an earlier flight back. They had both brought students to the World Harp Congress last year and planned to host the European Symposium next summer. Ceren played the composition that won a contest 6 years ago.

    jean-mac on #151818

    That indeed is sad news and a great loss.

    mr-s on #151819

    Oh Poor harpist ,and that’s really very sad, i sympathize with her parents and family,i wish she will be the Angel harp player in paradisum and maybe her music will be heard in the skies, that is really so hard Carl. i hope the passengers didnt suffer a lot before that disaster, i just cant imagine the situation when i heard that in the news. God keep their souls in peace…………………..

    Mel Sandberg on #151820

    From me too – sincerest condolences to all involved – all the other passengers’ and crew’s families and friends too.

    David Ice on #151821

    My most sincere prayers are with Ceren and her family during this time.

    David Ice

    Peter Wiley on #151822

    Ceren was a beautiful woman all around.

    carl-swanson on #151823

    Peter- Thank you so much for that. it must be particularly hard for you and your wife who knew her and spent time with her. Did she have a husband and children? About how old was she? She apparently studied at Indiana University, but I don’t know how long ago. This would be a tragedy under any circumstance, but for the small harp community in Turkey to loose one of its brightest stars magnifies the loss even more.

    Peter Wiley on #151824

    It is difficult Carl.

    unknown-user on #151825

    According to brazilian tv,she happened to be there because she decided to stay a day more in Rio

    mr-s on #151826

    OH God,its really and extremely sad,and i think its a big loss not for turkish harp community only

    angela-madjarova on #151827

    Very sorry for Ceren! I spent last 2 days with her in Rio. I left just a day before!

    I met her there. She was a very fine person and a very good musician, dedicated to

    unknown-user on #151828

    I’m sorry I didn’t know Ms. Necipoglu – and I’m sorry for the loss.

    I did find a segment about her on youtube (its written in Turkish – but I think the video is in Brazilian Portugese??) – and it does show her performing.. I thought someone might like to see it/have it… Kind regards William

    angelica-vianna on #151829

    This video sent by William Mason is about her last performance and interview two days before the accident, Brazilian Nacional Television put on air this recital in full as a tribute to her.

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