Rutter Dancing Day?

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    melissa-gallant on #149818

    I’ve been asked to do all of Rutter’s Dancing Day, and would like advice from anyone who has done the whole work before I commit to it. Is the whole work really playable on harp? What fee range would be appropriate to charge?


    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #149819

    It is playable, it is a lot of notes. It is at least as difficult as learning the Ceremony of Carols the first time, but easier to play in the end, except it requires more stamina. Ask as much as you can get. It is a rewarding piece to perform, but like a concerto.

    marguerite-lynn-williams on #149820

    I totally agree with Saul. The Rutter definitely has more SOLO work that the Ceremony. It is absolutely playable without cutting a single note if you prepare it well.

    Going rate varies depending on your city and available harpists. In Chicago I’ve found 1 rehearsal/1 performance for $500 to be about average for a church doing this. A bigger performing ensemble would pay more.


    melissa-gallant on #149821

    Thank you both for your advice! I’m glad I do have time to prepare the work well. It should be an exciting performance. A dance troupe will perform to the carol cycle music

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