“Roslyn Castle”

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    ruth-harper on #158175

    Does anyone have an arrangement of Roslyn Castle that they could share with me?

    God bless – PTL

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    Karen Johns on #158176

    I don’t have one I could share, per say, but Laurie Riley has a nice version of this song in Mel Bay’s Celtic Music for Harp. There are many other nice tunes in this book as well, such as The Butterfly Jig, The Water Is Wide, and the little known but beautiful Orange Rogue, to name a few. Well worth the $$.


    Mira Devi on #158177

    I too own the Mel Bay / Laurie Riley book and am enjoying this version of Roslyn Castle along with the awesome arrangement of Butterfly Jig. I did come across a free online download of Roslyn Castle for Harp, and it was pretty good too. It’s in a different key than the Laurie Riley version and has some extra interesting spark to it. Let me know if you are interested. Maybe I can find the link to e-mail to you.

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