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    william-nichols on #166008

    Hi there,

    I am playing an excerpt for an audition from Borodin’s Prince Igor. It’s got lots of rolled chords and some of them have longish intervals and are very hard to roll well. Is there any particular technique that can be applied to make them sound lush and beautiful?


    unknown-user on #166009

    I’m just a student too, but my teacher gave me some advice on this so I hope I can help!
    It helps to very slowly pluck each string one at a time (from low to high) and increase the speed until you are technically rolling them. Just focusing on one chord for a few minutes and slowing it down till your technique is down should help!
    Good luck with the audition!

    — Natalie

    jessica-wolff on #166010

    Groan. I remember those chords, and that was a version for pedal or lever harp. Loved it anyhow.

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