Rodrigo’s Concierto Serenata

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    phoebe-powell on #151647

    Has anyone every played this concerto? I heard it on iTunes and absolutely fell in love with it, but I’m having trouble trying to buy it, because all of the sites (sheet music plus etc.) don’t show what the music looks like in the insiMESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘6’, and it doesn’t tell you if it’s for both harp and orchestra or both harp and piano. Does anyone know where a good place would be to get it? How difficult is it as well? Grade level wise.
    The version I have is with Edmon Colomer and the Real Orquesta SinfóMESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘5’ de MESSAGE KEY MISSING: ‘7’ playing.
    Thanks so much!

    phoebe-powell on #151648

    Oh, sorry! The orchestra is

    mr-s on #151649

    hi Phoebe, you can find it on a german site or go directly to the page of this site

    mr-s on #151650

    i forgot to say that you are right,its a very nice concert piece.

    phoebe-powell on #151651

    Hi Mr.S,
    Thank you for the site info! I’m definitely going to order it soon.
    Have you played this concerto then? How long did it take you to learn? I know that every concerto is different and every person is different as well with how long it takes them to learn a piece. Thanks so much for the info, though!

    unknown-user on #151652

    Hi,Phoebe.Concierto serenata has been

    mr-s on #151653

    Hi Phoebe,no i didnt play it yet, but one day i will do, i found a very interesting harp music as solo with orchestra on the german site Glissando that american sites dosent have or offer, if you order from glissando, please inform me how do they serve well or not……….. best wishies. and you are welcome.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #151654

    There are quite a few recordings of it. Rodrigo wrote three concerti for harp: Concierto Serenata, Sones en la Giralda, and the version of the Concierto de Aranjuez. Nicanor Zabaleta was the first two record the the first and third, I think. It is pretty difficult, especially if you want to play all the notes just as written, which is almost impossible. It is very awkward in some places and calls for rewriting. I think it is one of the finest if

    phoebe-powell on #151655

    Wow, thank you! This info is fantastic.

    phoebe-powell on #151656

    I shall have to look all of those up! I actually hadn’t realized that he did write for harp. I think he had a daughter who played harp….I’ll have to double check, though.
    When I get it, and start learning it (which will probably be in a loooooonnnngg time, but I hope not too long) I would love to see what all of you who have played it, have done to make it simpler to play, but I might just try and get all the notes in if I make it a 2 or 3 year project….we’ll have to see!! Thanks for all the suggestions, Saul 🙂
    All the best to all you wonderful harpist out there!

    frances-duffy on #151657

    Dear Phoebe,

    I have played the Concierto Serenata and I just love it!

    phoebe-powell on #151658

    Hi Fran!

    I ordered the concerto last week (the origional one by Rodrigo) and it just arrived today. I should have checked back on the forum before I bought it, so that I could have bought both of the versions, but I will buy the other versions as well, and maybe change it a bit myself!
    I would love to know what you have done for fingering, cutting out notes, and where you pasted the different versions on the part.
    I’m aiming to do it over 2 years (I’m working on gr.10 rep now), but first I have to learn the Handel Bb concerto! Busy year for me again!

    Thanks so much again!


    phoebe-powell on #151659

    By the way, Mr.S,

    I didn’t order my part from Glissando, it was from Lyon&Healy. But they only had one version so I will probably order the 2 versions that Fran mentioned from Glissando. I will let you know what they are like!


    zoraida-avila on #151660

    Phoebe, you can ask the score, the piano arrengement and harp part to:
    Ediciones Joaquin Rodrigo

    Sylvia Clark on #151661

    Concierto de Aranjuez. This one is actually for guitar, I believe.

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