Robert maxwell fantasy on chopsticks

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    Philippa mcauliffe on #146363

    I have been listening to this on cd and would like to have a go at it but we cant find the music anywhere on the internet. Does anyone know the publisher by any chance please or if it is in print at all?

    Thank you, Philippa

    catherine-rogers on #146364

    I personally doubt it was ever published, but why not contact Robert Maxwell? He’s in New York City.

    patricia-jaeger on #146365


    I have 6 sheet music selections by Robert Maxwell, and it is all still under copyright; Fantasy on Chopsticks is from 1948. Some pieces were published by Robbins Music Corp; others by American Academy of Music, but I found one where he more recently

    Philippa mcauliffe on #146366

    Thank you very much Patricia.

    patricia-jaeger on #146367


    No, haven’t felt up to it, especially after hearing him on the recording. Many things in my library of harp music are beyond me, handed down from my fine

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