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    I am looking for a harp version of riu riu chiu. The only one I could find has been the one in the Green Grows the Holly book by


    I would think that you could do something with the piano acc. of a choral version, or add chords and embellishments to the Guildimann version. One of the things I love about those books is that you can personalize some of the wonderful old music that is hard to find elsewhere.


    Should have mentioned- Riu Riu Chiu is a wonderful piece. I think I’ll pull out my copy and get to work on some Christmas music myself!


    Thank you for the info. I stink at arranging but I guess i’ll give it a shot. Do you happen to know of any other songs written in this style? I researched the song a bit and found that it is in what is called the villancico style. I love the sound of the song with the main theme and distinctive chorus. The source I found did not mention other songs in this style though!


    Karen Johns

    I have this version too. It is very basic, but I’m thinking of playing it this way:

    1x: as written

    2x: add rolled chords to melody, 8va

    3x: add some embellishments to melody*, flesh out bass with chord runs**

    * grace notes, i.e. 2nd measure agF (lower case would be grace notes)

    ** 4th measure, 16th note run acea, then hit e with the second a(quarter note)

    I’m also thinking of making it more medieval sounding by playing the melody in open chords instead of rolled. I’ll need to fool around with it a bit more, though.

    Thanks for the tip- I’m definitely adding this one to my Christmas rep!



    It has been published for recorder ensemble.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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