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    sherry-lenox on #163425

    I’m working on #17 in the Pozzoli Easy and Progressive Studies, and I’m having a problem with hitting my right ring finger on the first joint, just above the nail. I’m working on it in my practice, and the problem is slowly resolving, but I have myself a nasty looking red bump just below the nail from it.

    I know lots of us get blisters on the “pluck” part of the fingers, but has anyone else wound up with a blister or sore spot on the top of your finger?

    patricia-jaeger on #163426

    Sherry, I think you’re in the Grossi Method, where there are two sets of studies by Pozzoli, and two number 17’s, one on page 123 and one on page 104. It is the one on page 104 I think you are writing about, since the other one, completely in half notes, only uses fingers 1, 2, and 3. Now it is the frequent right hand scale passages with a need to pass from 4321 up to the next 4321 that you must be thinking about. Everyone has a slightly different hand. Look at yours. It’s probably a perfectly normal hand, but when you are “hitting” that finger that is now sore, are you hitting the sore spot with the string, or with another finger on your way up the scale? What does your teacher say about your hand and arm position? Because the ring finger is shorter than the middle finger, musicians who need to get all of our uneven fingertips in a line, need to bring the elbow into just the right position for the fingers to all arrive together on a string.

    unknown-user on #163427

    Thanks for the very clear and useful advice

    sherry-lenox on #163428

    Older, are you working on this problem too?

    Patricia, I really appreciate your response as well. I suspect part of my problem is being less than attentive at home when I have my mind on something else. When I’m at my teacher’s studio, I know that I have to keep my arm in the right position and at the right height. Seeing and studying your very clear explanation, I realized why the problem is worse at home than during my lessons.

    I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful teacher as well as the input of this board. I’ve been able to teach myself to play several instruments in the past, some to an advanced level, but the subtlties of the harp make it a very difficult instrument to learn without the input of others.

    I love the “big” Grossi book. The particular exercise in question is fun to play, sounds good, and teaches an essential skill.

    unknown-user on #163429

    Well, I haven’t yet worked a blister on top of my fingers but when passing I feel like my fingers are flailing about looking for that next string.

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