Reviews on Salvi Juno needed

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    Danamarie on #186998

    Good afternoon
    I already own a Salvi Ana harp and was wondering what the Salvi Juno harp is like. I love the spacing between the Ana strings and was wondering if the Juno also had the same spacing,similar touch when playing and what the sound is like and if it would be recommended as I would like to have a ‘travel’ size Salvi that is portable and easy to carry from home to lessons to church etc.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    wil-weten on #187990

    You may like to hear the difference in sound between the Salvi Juno and the Camac Bardic 27. The videoclip is in French, but if you don’t speak French, you just listen to Greensleeves played in the same room on both harps.

    Kristina Finch on #188035

    I own a Salvi Juno and have many thoughts about the instrument. On the whole, with everything considered I think its a good harp. It’s extremely portable (the case has backpack straps) and the sound is pretty good for a harp of that size. I have had issues keeping the instrument in tune (some of the pegs won’t stay put no matter how hard I press them in) and I had to re-drill one of the leg attachment areas when it randomly fell off. They string these harps in the carbon fiber strings which feel a little different under the fingers and have less tension than I am used to (but I’m primarily a pedal harpist). It took me a few times on the harp before I knew the kind of pressure it could take and still make a good sound. The Salvi Juno is primarily a student instrument… the price is low and you basically get what you pay for. The wood is not high quality but they are durable little harps.
    If you are just looking for an inexpensive harp that is easier to tote around I would definitely consider the Salvi Juno 🙂

    Emily Granger on #188126

    I also have a Salvi Juno that I purchased last summer at the AHS Conference in New Orleans. I really love my little Juno and have used it to carry along to lessons to play duets with students and now am renting it out to one of my 7 year old students. I’ve even played it for a gig where the clients asked for all Irish tunes and lived in a 3rd story walk up. I have to agree with Kristina that this really is a student instrument, but the portability really makes it a worthwhile instrument to own.

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