Rêverie de Bouddha

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    carl-swanson on #254682

    I’m looking for a copy of a piece by Tournier for voice and harp called Rêverie de Bouddha. I don’t believe it is currently in print. Does anyone have an old copy?

    carl-swanson on #254684

    I should add here that Tournier set several songs over his long career, and I think all of them are currently out of print, which is a realy tragedy. If anyone has any of the songs that Tournier set, I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.

    balfour-knight on #254700

    Carl, I just searched through my collections and could not turn up that piece. Hope someone else has it!
    Best regards to you,

    balfour-knight on #254755

    Carl, you will love this! I have been asking some of my musician friends if they have any of this music, and most have been saying, “who is Tournier?” Ha, ha!

    Best wishes,

    Alison on #254763

    I got drawn onto your Tournier / Buddha thread then 2 of my entries here in Harp Column seem to have gotten deleted when I updated them and nothing shows since even when I tried a third comment.

    Anyway I found these, below, and was about to suggest you contact Elizabeth Fontane-Binoche if you have no other leads.

    Rêverie De Bouddha | Marcel Tournier – Wise Music Classical

    Tournier, Marcel, 1879-1951. Rêverie de Bouddha : transcription pour chant et harpe / Marcel Tournier. – View Resource – Social Networks and Archival Context (snaccooperative.org)

    carl-swanson on #254769


    Thank you for your post. I tried over a year ago to contact Elizabeth Fontan-Binoche. But I’ve been told by several people that she is not well. So I’m afraid that’s not an option. I have several harpists in France looking for me. So hopefully something will show up.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #254805

    I would think the oldest libaries in France would have copies. Salzedo’s earliest publications are also missing. Apparently, French publishers were very disorganized, did not archive properly, and were also disrupted by more than one war.

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