Reusing leftover zip-close string bags

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    rosalind-beck on #148281

    After changing a couple octaves of gut strings lately, I had an idea for re-purposing the small plastic zip bags in which the strings come.

    catherine-rogers on #148282

    I use them for jewelry when traveling, as you do. Also good for packing bars of special soap, or anything else that might leak, for trips.

    When I change strings each year, I save the old strings that can still be used. I put them in those bags for future emergency use on lever harps (labeled, of course).

    I also use the bags to organize rubber bands, batteries that may still have some charge in them, and twist ties in the kitchen drawer.

    Elizabeth Volpé Bligh on #148283

    I use them for odds and ends in my string bag, such as my felt picks, ear plugs, etc.

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