Resonance Pedal Harp

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    califa on #195420

    I need your comment regarding the new Resonance harp made in Russia.

    I like the look of the semi grand and concert grand pedal harp.

    How is the sound quality compare to L&H or Salvi?

    noir et blanc duo on #195628

    There are some videos on YouTube… An italian harp seller told my teacher that their mechanism is really similar to the one Salvi used 20 years ago, so not really good. He didn’t like very much the sound, too, but I don’t know the reason or anything else.

    Tacye on #195633

    The Salvi I had 20 years ago seemed to have a perfectly decent mechanism.

    califa on #195650

    After asking Resonance harp many questions, they refused to answer.

    I am considering Salvi or L&H again…


    noir et blanc duo on #195686

    Tacye, it’s what my teacher told me, I’ve never played a Salvi with it. Anyway, sure you don’t want to buy a brand new harp with an old type of mechanism…

    Califa, I think it would also be cheaper, because a friend of mine tried to have some information to purchase them, and she found out that the customs fee had almost the same cost of the harp!

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