Resonance Harp 40 string Pedal Harp ( Russian, new)

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    Debora LaMarchina on #228229

    Has anyone in this group played or heard IN PERSON ( not video) any of the Russian current Resonance harps? Specifically one of their 40 string Etude or St. Petersberg Petite? They come new with a 5 yr warranty, etc. On videos the Resonance concert grands sound great. I’d like some feedback here please.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #228970

    My understanding of them is, they are made to last for a while, but not a lifetime, perhaps twenty years, however long the neck will last. They have lighter construction, may have a very good sound, but are not built to last. I don’t think 40 strings is enough, you should get at least 44 or 46.

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