Resell value on LH 23 gold from 1984 approximately

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    Michael Schube on #254557

    Is anyone familiar with this harp? I’d like to post to sell but looking to buy it 1st – I just need some resell values for this network and I’ll gladly post to sell once I can buy it. Thank you. Does authentication look good?

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    balfour-knight on #254633


    All of us pedal harpists are familiar with the L&H 23 harp. It is THE standard orchestral harp! It is equivalent to the Steinway D concert grand piano. (At least in the U.S.A., that is!) However, there is no “Bluebook” of resell values for harps like there is for automobiles. Only an in-person close examination of this harp could provide a “value” which you could work with. Ultimately, it is only worth what someone would pay for it!

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    paul-knoke on #254634

    Have a technician look at this harp before you buy. It’s hard to tell from the pics, but it looks like there may be a line across the bottom of the soundboard where the baseboard has pushed down. Not fatal, but not a cheap fix, either.

    Michael Schube on #254749

    Thank you for getting back to me. I appreciate it!


    Michael Schube on #254750

    I’ll let you know – appreciate it.

    Saul Davis Zlatkovski on #254799

    What do you mean, you want to sell it, but you have to buy it first? The sounding-board is exceptionally dark for a harp from the 1980s. The gold appears to be in very good condition, but that’s only cosmetic. If it has never been rebuilt, it is possible it will need a new neck and baseframe repair, and a new soundingboard. I would hazard a guess that it is worth no more than $20,000, if that, as those repairs are expensive. But I’m not an appraiser.

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