Research question Baroque harp vs. Modern Pedal Harp

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    maria-pozdnyakova on #150860

    I’m a harp student in Utrecht Conservatorium in the Netherlands.
    I’m writing a research about using baroque harp in playing modern music. At the same time, I’m a modern harpist.
    I would like to ask your opinion about combining the two instruments and for those, who actually do that I have formualted some question and I would be very grateful, if you can take some time and answer them.
    Here are the questions:
    1.Why did you choose a historical harp to play? How far were you in the modern harp playing, when you decided to play baroque/historical harp?
    2.Which problems do you experience, if you combine two instruments and how do you deal with that?
    3.Have you had a recial with both harps playing one after another?
    4. Can you describe the difference in feeling of the strings on both harps? Is there any mental difference for you in practicing either of the instruments?
    5.Can you name some useful tips on how to switch between instruments easier?
    6. If you were to choose, which instrument to play on mainly, which one would it be?
    7. How do you feel about performing modern music on a historical harp and do you know any examples?

    Thanks a lot for helping me!
    With regards,

    patricia-jaeger on #150861

    Maria, I would suggest Danielle Perrett in England, who has done many of the things about which you are asking. You can put her name into your search engine on the internet, or find her through

    jennifer-buehler on #150862

    I believe there is a historical harp forum on Yahoo groups.

    maria-pozdnyakova on #150863

    Thanks for advise! I’ll do that!

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